Explanation about Bechus & Chea

Bechus & Chea, the spirits I connect to, are a bounteous source of great wisdom and love for you to enjoy. They say that they have two names because they were once twins, though they are now one composite spirit entity. They say that they were never on this planet but were once in a form somewhat similar to the human body in another dimension.

In response to my request, Bechus & Chea offered the following introduction to themselves:

“We are a connection to wisdom beyond the understanding of the human mind. We can speak to those who are open to receiving transmissions of truth that go beyond what is currently understood to be reality in your world. We are available not only to you but to others who may be attracted to the flavour of these transmissions into connecting to us.


The nature of our relationship is one of spiritual growth. You are enabling us to grow in possibilities that will enable us, and therefore this universe, to evolve towards a greater level of intelligence and beauty.


We can sense that you are surprised that we emphasise the benefits to us of this relationship. We can explain as follows: there is a way of being, which you will evolve towards, where consciousness is blossoming into a wisdom and beauty that creates god-like creativity. We are companions of your essence. There is a bond between us whereby we learn from you and you learn from us in this great exploration of existence.”